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Will somebody help me find this shooter?

Anonymous • Jun 12, 2014 at 6:16 PM

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Erma Ross, who lives at 98 N. Pleasant St., Norwalk, wrote the following letter to the editor. A story about this incident can be read HERE.)

To you, the cat hater who targeted and shot my pet family member, Hungry, May 8 on my property, there is a reward out on you, if anyone can give information to arrest and prosecute you. You have cost me more than $2,400 in pet bills; I have no pet insurance, but I still can get you prosecuted.

This is what you have done to my pet cat -- you shattered her right leg. We could not stabilize her leg to save it. There was not enough leg left to pin it together with rods inside and out. She had surgery in Cleveland May 16. May 30 was my day of hope when I saw hope that she would survive this. She wouldn't drink water, she wouldn't eat. She was dying. I took her back to Mapleview Hospital May 21 for fluids, May 23 -- fluids, May 25 -- fluids, vitamin B shot to encourage her to eat.

You took her sweet personality. She was so traumatized, depressed, angry and growling in pain. She was put in a 72-hour pain SR shot to survive this and extra pain medication. Then the pain medication affected her appetite.

After extensive X-rays, consultations, Mapleview Hospital doctors, visits to Animal Emergency Clinic in Cleveland, her leg was amputated May 16. You don't put down an animal if there's a chance for her. You caused her leg to "explode."

My girl was in a "war zone" at 98 N. Pleasant St. Her safe area. My fenced-in back yard was invaded. This situation is depressing to the whole family, stressing and overwhelming.

To you, the shooter, punk kid or adult, I hope you have nightmares of what you have done. I still have nightmares.

People, beware: There is a shooter in town.

We may not prosecute you today or tomorrow, but God will.

It is a silver coned bullet, shot from an air gas-powered pellet gun. With enough pressure behind the hit, it can kill. Again I ask, why don't these weapons have to be registered?

Hungry and I want to thank all at Mapleview Animal Hospital, Norwalk, for their endless hours of concern, compassion, professional, wonderful caring of my girl.

I want to thank you, Dr. Anson and staff, at Animal Emergency Clinic, West Brookpark, for their care and concern for Hungry. And God and friends. Hungry was put on a prayer chain.

If anyone wants to contribute to Hungry's medical bills and/or to the reward to arrest and prosecute the person who shot my pet, I'm not too proud to ask. I'm still looking over my shoulder to walk in my fenced-in back yard.

I want Dick Goddard to know of Hungry's story. Is there a Cleveland animal protective league that can help me out?

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