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Sororities’ members on edge after killing rampage

TNS Regional News • May 26, 2014 at 8:32 PM

There is a politely-worded “go away” note taped to the front door of the Alpha Phi sorority.

Two uniformed security guards are stationed at the house, where three women from the nearby Delta Delta Delta sorority were gunned down by Elliot Rodger during his killing rampage in this Santa Barbara County coastal community.

At 9:30 p.m. Friday, Rodger got in his car and drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house, where he banged aggressively on the door for more than a minute, authorities said. When no one opened the door, he took aim at three women standing outside, killing Katherine Cooper, 22, and Veronika Weiss, 19, and wounding the other woman.

Rodger outlined his plans for his “war on women” in a 137-page diatribe and on several videos posted on the Internet. And he specifically singled out the Alpha Phi sorority.

“I will attack the very girls who represent everything I hate in the female gender: The hottest sorority of UCSB,” the 22-year-old Rodger wrote. In multiple online videos, he vowed to kill people quietly at his home, then go to a sorority house to “slaughter” women.

“Fortunately, no one opened the door” at the sorority house, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said. But before leaving, Rodger shot the three women on the front lawn.

According to authorities, Rodger then steered his BMW through the streets of Isla Vista, driving by a nearby deli and fatally shooting 20-year-old student Christopher Michaels-Martinez.

Rodger eventually ran into the back of a jeep and came to a halt, the right wheel well of his BMW on fire, the driver’s door thrown open. Authorities found him dead inside the car.

Rodger’s rampage started in his apartment, where he fatally stabbed two of his roommates and another individual, authorities said.

Santa Barbara County officials on Sunday identified the stabbing victims as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, of San Jose; George Chen, 19, of San Jose; and Weihan Wang, 20, of Fremont. They were stabbed multiple times in Rodger’s apartment. Hong and Chen were roommates.

Finding their bodies inside the apartment was “a horrific crime scene,” Brown said. All of Rodger’s victims were UC Santa Barbara students.


By Julie Cart and Stephen Ceasar - Los Angeles Times (MCT)

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