Area boy keeps on giving

Aaron Krause • May 10, 2014 at 10:07 AM

The 11-year-old area philanthropist has collected more than 500 cans of soup for Second Harvest Food Bank.

But that's just poking a hole in hunger for the veteran, yes, veteran charitable youngster.

His short-term goal is to collect 1,000 cans, but he wants to end up with 5,000 -- ramming a crater in the hunger of area residents, including those who live in Huron County.

Liam McCarthy said he has no doubt he will collect 5,000 cans which will be distributed to people in Huron, Lorain and Crawford counties. "I know I can do it," the confident-sounding, well-spoken fifth-grader said. "I feel great about what I'm doing; I feel like I'm doing right."

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