Norwalk mayor not above the law

Cary Ashby • May 6, 2014 at 10:23 PM

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan must appear in court for a handicapped parking violation he received -- an offense police apparently warned him about one month earlier.

Duncan, 50, of 19 S. Garden St., is charged with parking in a handicapped space in connection with an incident about 9:45 p.m. April 29.

The mayor, who declined to comment, originally had a mandatory court appearance at 10 a.m. Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court. However, Duncan filed a time waiver Wednesday to push the hearing date back, according to court records.

As Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp arrived for his shift, he said he noticed a red 2003 Ford Explorer parked in the "easternmost handicap space in front of the police station." Hipp also noted the truck didn't display a handicap placard or license plates and the space "was clearly marked with a pavement marking and a sign."

After Duncan entered the vehicle and started it, Hipp knocked on the driver's window and asked the mayor for his license and proof of insurance. The officer said he notified Duncan, who didn't have "FR (Financial Responsibility) proof with him," of the parking violation.

"Mr. Duncan acknowledged the violation and indicated the reason he parked there was because of the storm and heavy rain we were experiencing when he arrived. I advised him I was aware he had been warned about one month ago about parking in the handicap space. He said he has not done so since that time and only did it tonight due to the storm," Hipp wrote in his report.

The mayor faces a maximum fine of $250.

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