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Final election results here

Joe Centers • May 7, 2014 at 11:22 PM

Absentee ballots and 46 of 46 precincts have been counted by the Huron County Board of Elections.

Here are the unofficial totals from Tuesday's primary election.

Huron County commissioner Republican primary:

Joe Hintz 1,502

Bob Morgan 1,456

Norwalk City Schools levy — For 1,758, Against 1,129.

Norwalk council term lengths — Yes 1,618, No 650.

Norwalk charter police and fire chief selection process — Yes 1,850, No 412.

Willard city schools levy — For 668, against 559.

Clarksfield Twp. 0.4-mill renewal, For 92, against 61.

Clarksfield Twp. 0.9-mill renewal, For 87, against 69.

Wakeman village operating expenses, For 73, against 48.

Wellington schools levy — For 18, against 44.

These vote totals are once again after absentee ballots and 46 of 46 precincts were counted.

Keep checking back for updates.

Polls close at 7:30 p.m.

Voters in the Norwalk City Schools district are deciding today the fate of an additional 4.95 mills tax levy for five years.

Superintendent Dennis Doughty has said it’s been 23 years since voters passed the last operating levy.

In other issues and races, Republican incumbent Huron County Commissioner Joe Hintz is facing challenger Bob Morgan in a primary today. The winner will square off against Democrat Dennis Stieber in the November election.

Norwalk residents in wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 are considering a charter amendment to change council terms from two to four years. The four ward members would be elected for a term of four years and the at-large members would be elected for two years.

Thereafter, the term of office for all council members would be four years. In essence, there could only be four new members at a time.

The same voters are considering an amendment regarding the appointment of police and fire chief. Specifically, if nobody in either department is qualified or applies for the position, the chief’s selection committee can advertise to hire from outside the department.

Willard City Schools district voters are considering renewing a 5.4 mill levy, which has been on the books for the past 10 years and doesn’t ask for new money.

Voters in Clarksfield Township will be asked to renew a levy for the purpose of general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads and bridges. They also will consider the 5-year, .4 mill measure, designed to pay for current expenses.

In addition, Clarksfield Township voters will consider renewing a levy for the general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads and bridges. This is a 0.9 mill levy for five years.

Voters in Greenwich Township, Greenwich village and Ripley Township will consider renewing a .75 mill, three-year levy for ambulance and emergency medical services.

Wakeman village voters will be asked to renew a 1 percent, five-year levy for general operating expenses.

Clarksfield Township voters who live in the Wellington Exempted Village School District will consider renewing a 5.27 mills, 10-year renewal for emergency requirements.

All Erie County voters will consider a replacement and additional levy for Erie MetroParks. According to ballot language, it’s “for the purpose of operation, promoting, conserving, acquiring, developing, improving and protecting lands and water areas as parks, parkways and forest reservations for the recreation, health benefit and general welfare of the citizens of Erie County.” The rate is not to exceed 0.6 mill for each $1 of valuation, which amounts to $0.06 for each $100 of valuation for 10 years commencing in 2014, first due in calendar year 2015. An existing levy of 0.5 mill, having two years remaining, will be canceled and replaced if the levy passes.

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