'We're still around'

Aaron Krause • May 4, 2014 at 2:07 PM

This is how a rumor can potentially start.

The signs: Two New London Police cars are loaded onto a flatbed truck, which are hauling them away.

A big Dumpster rests in the rear behind the police department.

A conclusion reached by someone on Facebook: The New London Police Department is disbanding -- false information that spread to others, which led to several calls to police chief Mike Marko.

It turns out it's nothing more than a rumor, Marko said.

The cars, both of which had accumulated 160,000 miles, were on their way to the Kelleys Island Police Department, which bought the vehicles.

The presence of the Dumpster is due to a remodeling project at village hall, where police headquarters is located. Village council now meets elsewhere, so a large room which used to serve as council chambers is no longer needed by the body. It will be used by the police department as office space for officers. There will also be a lobby for people who wish to speak to an officer to wait.

Marko said he didn't know who started the rumor, but he confirmed it was false on his department's Facebook page.

The statement reads as follows: "Good Evening Everyone.......The NLPD wants to "put a rumor to rest" that is circulating on Facebook and through out town in regards to the Police Department being dis banned

No truth to that rumor.......As far as two Police cars being hauled away on a flat bed truck.............That true! The NLPD sold the 2007 Chevy's to the Kelly's Island Police Dept who decided to haul them on a flat bed to save them from sending down 2 Officers.


The Police Department is undergoing a remodeling where the old council chambers use to be. It is being made into office space for the Officers and a lobby where the public has a place to sit and wait if an Officer is unavailable.............Thus the "dumpster" in the lot.

We will have an "open house" once the remodeling is completed sometime in mid June.......

That's it..........Enjoy your evening!"

Marko said he received seven calls from concerned people who read the rumor on Facebook. He said when he told them it was false, their response was, in essence, rumors spread in a small town.

The chief said the open house is open to everyone, not just New London residents.

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