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Trash talking

Joe Centers • Apr 26, 2014 at 10:54 PM

Chuck Wireman has had enough.

Wireman, who lives across from the Huron County Recycling Facility and Transfer Station, said he gets bombarded with trash.

The transfer station is located at 2414 Townline Road 131 West, just off Ohio 61 and south of Norwalk. Wireman lives at 2132 Townline Road 131 West.

"It's an ongoing thing, year around," Wireman said. "As long as the landfill is open something is blowing out of the landfill or off a truck. They told me at the county office 'Oh yeah, it's an ongoing problem.'"

Wireman bought the property in 2012 and said he thought he knew what he was getting into.

"I've been here since May of 2012," he said. "The previous owners warned me about it. They said that is why the taxes are so cheap. That's a way to shut us up. That is the way it was explained to me. It's not in writing or anything but every time they complained about the trash they just lowered the taxes."

Wireman said while his taxes are low, it's not enough.

"I am tired of the mess," he said. "I am tired of having a bad neighbor. It's the county. I did not realize how bad it was. If my company trucks were driving down the road and trash was falling off the trucks I would try to do something. If it was downtown and trash was blowing off the trucks they would make a big stink about it. It's an ongoing problem and they should solve it. If they can't keep the trash from blowing off the trucks, then come and clean it up."

And it's not just his yard.

"From my road all the way to Norwalk there is trash on both sides of the road," Wireman said. "They said if I see a violator turn them in. But I work. I can't sit at home and watch every truck that goes down the road.

"I went to the landfill and talked to the manager there when I first started noticing it over the winter. He said I should call the sheriff's department. They said I need to get license plate numbers. I went to the commissioners office today (Wednesday) and they all were at meetings. They just gave me a bunch of numbers to call.

"My (Peru) township trustees do a fabulous job out here. But they shouldn't be responsible for landfill trash. They keep passing the buck and the buck has to stop somewhere. Somebody has to be responsible for it."

Peru Township trustees are Brad Sparks, Rick M. Schaffer and Nick Stang.

"It's not their fault by any means," Wireman said. "Everybody tried to blame it on them but it is a county issue.

"I would just like the county to be a good neighbor. I understood coming into this I would have the transfer station as a neighbor. But I would like for them to clean up their mess."

Huron County Commissioner Gary Bauer said if there is a problem, the county wants to make it right.

"I was there about 10 days ago and looked around and that day I thought it looked pretty good," Bauer said. "I hadn't heard anything about it as a commissioner. I am not saying it doesn't happen. Everything must be covered. I will talk to Dave (Homan, at the landfill) and if there is a problem we will take care of it. We want to be a good neighbor.

"It can't be coming from the transfer station. It is an enclosed building and there is a fence around the property. It could come off the trucks."

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