Closed drive-thru service window irks councilman

Aaron Krause • Apr 26, 2014 at 6:07 AM

A closed drive-thru service window this month at the city's finance department fired up council member Ricky Branham at Monday's council meeting.

Branham told city manager Brian Humphress that if city officials intend to cut window services, perhaps they need to re-evaluate the amount of money they appropriate in the budget.

Branham said the service window was closed all this month so far except for two days -- a claim Humphress disputed. The city manager said it was closed from April 1 through 18.

The city manager said when he came to Willard in 2001, the finance department comprised five full-time employees and one part-timer. Now, there are four full-time employees.

Humphress said not only is the department short-staffed, waiting on customers isn't their only responsibility.

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