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Man shares special family recipe

Scott Seitz • Feb 22, 2014 at 10:07 AM

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of the comments in this story and recipe ingredients were intended to be humorous, so don't take this too seriously.)

Norwalk resident Cliff Cannon appears to be a man of many talents.

Cannon is a gifted writer, truck driver, nature enthusiast, Maple City supporter and softball player.

His truck-driving stories are legendary.

He’s visited 48 of the states and has a pin-board which indicates all the cities he’s been to in his travels.

So, after all that, who knew Cannon, at 57 years of age, could also cook?

Just doesn’t seem fair.

Cannon, with a solid arsenal of cooking skills and knowledge, probably could have whipped up any dish on a moment’s notice.

But, for today’s featured recipe, he went back in time.

“This is an old family favorite,” the 1974 Norwalk High School graduate said.

Cannon was referring to a dish that has been in the family for decades.

That’s right — Elly May biscuits.

“Granny taught us a long time ago to love stuffed possum,” Cannon said.

Just for clarification, in North America, “possum” is short for “opossum,” though, in reality, the two animals are different.

“And, just like Uncle Jed always said, stuffed possum is just as good as leftovers,” Cannon said.

“But, we needed something to do with the tail,” he added. “So, we came up with possum-tail gravy.”

Cannon, who currently works for Pat Riley Trucking, spent 24 years driving 18-wheelers for Norwalk Furniture.

Prior to that, Cannon was employed nine years at Fanny Farmer.

His wife, Ann, also participates in the cooking process.

“She gets the possums,” Cannon said. “She is a wonderful possum hunter.

“We’ve also trained our cat, Fanny, to chase possum,” he said.

Cannon has five grown children, Stacia, Tom, Emily, Kristin and Jake. He has one grandchild, Skyeler.

Cannon is a native of Royal Oak, Mich.

He’s also a master at making french toast and popcorn.

When he’s not cooking, he enjoys playing in the winter weather, hiking and softball.

* * *

Elly May biscuits


4 buzzard eggs

As much flour as you need

Same with the water

5 ground-up goose gizzards for extra taste


Baste with gopher grease

Bake until hard. If too hard, break them up with hammer

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