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Local health department cautions residents

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Feb 13, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Huron County Public Health is alerting residents of individuals claiming to be from the “Huron County Health Department."

These individuals are asking homeowners whether or not they are eating healthy, among other questions. Please be aware, these individuals are not from the Huron County Health Department.

Huron County Public Health inspectors will always wear identifying badges and have a logo embroidered on their hat, or shirt/coat. Inspectors will only come to personal property to inspect sewage systems, private water systems and investigate nuisance complaints. Again, Huron County Health Department employees will always have identification.

Huron County Public Health urges residents to verify credentials of anyone representing themselves as a Health Department employee. Huron County Public Health will never ask for financial or secure information.

If you have any questions regarding the identity of a Health Department employee, immediately contact HCPH at (419) 668-1652, ext. 231.

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