Crider Jewelers closing in Norwalk, Willard

Cary Ashby • Feb 4, 2014 at 10:09 PM

Crider Jewelers has announced its locations in Norwalk and Willard will be closing.

“I have decided to close our Norwalk and Willard locations after a brief sale. The Sandusky location will be unaffected by the change in operations,” owner Jim Boling told the Reflector.

Boling and his wife Amy bought Crider Jewelers in Norwalk from Paul and Ellen Crider in 1984. Nine years later, Boling purchased the Willard store from Patrick Ferrell.

The owner explained a bit of his reasoning to close the two Huron County locations in an email to the Reflector.

“Although the decision was very difficult, I know it is right for our business. We have become a very mobile society, which is evident by the number of customers visiting our Sandusky store from the Norwalk area. It became clear that consolidation would not only relieve some demands on my time, but help our business in Sandusky continue to grow,” Boling said.

Crider Jewelers in Norwalk is located at 16 W. Main St. The Willard location is at 122 Blossom Centre.

“Thankfully, three of our long-time Norwalk employees, with over 60 years of experience, have agreed to join the Sandusky team,” Boling said.

When making the announcement about closing the Huron County stores through a mass mailing, Boling also reported the prices on Crider Jewelers’ entire inventory will be drastically reduced.

"The entire inventory has been marked with savings up to 70 percent off. Everything must be sold, including all (the) furniture and fixtures at the Norwalk and Willard locations," Boling said.

The store closing sales will be open to the public at both locations Friday.

“We must liquidate the entire inventory at our Norwalk and Willard locations. We would rather sell it to you, our loyal customers and friends, at drastic reductions than liquidators,” Boling said.

“When the sale is over, it will be very sad to lock the door for the last time. I have enjoyed my 30 years in Norwalk, especially our wonderful customers and friends,” he added in the email.

It’s been a tough stretch for the Norwalk community.

Earlier this month, Epic Technologies announced it is shutting down its Norwalk operations, eliminating the remaining 85 workers. The company previously had made a series of layoffs since 2010, when 280 (including 30 temps) were employed here.

On Friday, Kmart announced it will close its Norwalk store in mid-May.

These announcements come at a time when Janesville Acoustics is in the process of closing its Norwalk facility and eliminating the jobs of 296 employees, including hourly and salaried.

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