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Norwalk councilman says city should open rec center as shelter during extreme weather

Scott Seitz2 • Jan 25, 2014 at 8:07 PM

Norwalk Councilman Stephen Schumm feels the city should consider opening the Ernsthuasen Community Center to anyone seeking shelter when wind chills reach minus-40 degrees like they did earlier this month.

"When it's that cold, we should open it up," Schumm told fellow council members during a recent meeting.

When the heat index reached triple digits last summer, some people inquired about opening Norwalk's rec center to the general public, much like Willard does when those situations arise.

"I know government can't do everything for everybody," he added.

Schumm said this situation was an example where the city could have been proactive.

"Maybe we could help some people," he said, adding several other local and area communities offered to use recreation centers as shelters during the Arctic blasts experienced in Ohio this month.

"We will take a look at that," safety-service director Bob Patusky said about using the community center.

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