Cops searching for suspects

Aaron Krause • Aug 18, 2013 at 4:21 PM

Erie County authorities are seeking the public's help in locating two men suspected of stealing two surveillance cameras and a craftsman tool box from a Milan area residence.

Video, which captured the suspects, revealed one of them to be a white male, 20 to 30 years old, with brown short hair, a green short sleeve shirt, tan khaki shorts and sunglasses on his head. The other suspect is also a white male, 20 to 30 years old, with short dark hair and wearing long pants and a blue short-sleeved shirt with lettering on the front.

According to a police report, the victim reported the thieves on Monday stole two Uniden wireless surveillance cameras he'd installed following a prior break-in on Friday, Aug. 2. That involved the theft of two four-wheelers out of the main living area of the building.

The victim told police he still possessed the wireless receiver that recorded the break-in onto a Micro SD card.

"The receiver had been hidden in the upstairs loft, and was never found by the suspects," according to the report. "(The victim) advised that the subjects also entered his camper, which was parked out behind the building, and stole a craftsman tool box loaded with an unknown amount of miscellaneous tools."

The complainant "looked further, and found that the main door on the south side of his attached garage had been forcibly opened."

Sgt. Dan McGlothlin of the Erie County Sheriff's Office wrote that he observed the door, which had been secured with a dead bolt. It was bent and the door frame was splintered.

"Standing up just the inside (of) the door was a blue/green six-foot Werner step ladder that the suspects used to reach the surveillance camera, and tear it down." The camera had been installed in the corner of the ceiling above the door, overlooking the attached garage area.

"In the dirt just outside the door, I located one set of fresh shoe prints," McGlothlin wrote. "The prints were that of an athletic cleat, similar to those worn by football or baseball players. There were four cleats in the heel of the shoe, while there were at least three cleats in the upper portion of the shoe. It appears that the suspect wearing the cleats had kicked the door directly above the deadbolt, as there were three or four very distinct black rubber markings left from the cleats themselves. It also appears that the subject may have dark-colored gloves on. I secured photos of the scene, including the point of entry and the shoe prints."

McGlothlin viewed images captured on the wireless surveillance receiver.

"The audio on the camera captures the noise of the door being forced open and striking a large steel ladder, which had been laying on the ground just inside the door. The first suspect, described as Suspect No. 1 is seen entering the door and moving in the direction of an old truck parked in the garage. It appears Suspect No. 1 may have dark-colored gloves on. The second suspect, listed as Suspect No. 2, is seen entering the building after Suspect No. 1, and then milling around under the camera before closing the forced open door. Suspect No. 1 returns to the image after moving around the front of the truck, and then leaves the image around the rear of the truck. It appears that Suspect No. 1 is moving into the main living area of the building. Suspect No. 2 then walks around behind a tractor and also appears to be putting on a pair of gloves. Suspect No. 2 then appears to see the camera mounted above the door and stops dead in his tracks. Suspect No. 2 then starts walking back toward the camera, while Suspect No. 1 appears to be returning to the garage from the main living area. At the end of this segment of the video, the audio captures what sounds like one of the suspects calling the other by the name of 'Carl.' The next image captured on the video surveillance is the Werner step-ladder, and one of the suspects tearing down the camera."

McGlothlin said the victim believes the suspects entered the camper through a window that had been left open to circulate air in the camper.

"The screen from inside the window had popped out, and was lying on the bed. It appears the suspects rummaged through the cabinets before closing the window, and exiting out the door. The victim advised that the door was locked prior to the entry. The listed tool box was taken from inside the trailer.

Anyone with any information as to the suspects' identity should call the Erie County Sheriff's Office detective bureau at (419) 627-7553.

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