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Monroeville house raided

Joe Centers • Jul 20, 2013 at 10:13 PM

A man was arrested Friday morning following a raid on a house at 78 Sandusky St., Monroeville.

Officers from the Huron County Drug Task Force, including officers from Monroeville, Bellevue, New London and personnel from the Huron County Sheriff's Office took part in the raid.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the raid, click HERE.)

"This was part (of) an ongoing investigation through cooperation with other local law enforcement agencies," said Monroeville Police Chief Gary Lyons. "A search warrant was obtained and executed shortly at 7 a.m. (Friday) morning.

"Four white males were in the residence. All were released except for one person who is still being held (as of 3 p.m. Friday)."

Arrested was 20-year-old Kurt Fahler.

Fahler was charged with manufacturing psilocybin (also known as psychedelic mushrooms) within the vicinity of a school, which is a first-degree felony.

"The other three were released," Lyons said. "They still could be charged."

Among the evidence taken out of the house, Lyons said, were three pot plants, different pills, drugs and drug paraphernalia. A rifle also was taken from the house.

"We are going to test them and see what comes back," Lyons said. "Some looked like the magic mushrooms."

Two village employees were called in to help remove the evidence.

Lyons said officer Troy Kimball was in charge of the investigation.

"It is certainly important and it is good we remain vigilant," Lyons said. "Monroeville is susceptible (to drugs) just like any other village or city. It's not unique to Monroeville. ...We have to do our part to let people know it will not go on without repercussions.

"And this isn't over. We are still investigating."

Lyons said there was a lot of hard work and cooperation involved.

"It was a combination of good police work and good timing," he said. "It's part of a cooperative effort. We don't have the manpower to do it by ourselves. We need to get the help."

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