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No charges to be filed against Norwalk police officer

Scott Seitz • Jul 7, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Mansfield Law Director John Spon announced Thursday charges will not be filed against a Norwalk police officer accused of striking his girlfriend, a Huron County corrections officer, in the eye with a 20-ounce soda-pop bottle.

"The entire alleged event took place in four seconds," Spon said. "There was simply insufficient evidence. Whatever occurred did not rise to the level of a charge being filed."

Spon said Richland County Sheriff's Capt. Eric Bosko did an "outstanding" job on the investigation, which dated back to April.

"And, it can't be proven whether the alleged incident took place in Huron County or Richland County," Spon said.

The female corrections officer was the Norwalk police officer's girlfriend, Spon said, when the alleged incident took place. The Reflector is not naming the officers since there will be no charges.

Spon said there were a number of stories indicating how the corrections officer received not only a black eye, but also what he called a separate "blemish" on her cheek.

Those stories included the Norwalk officer giving her the blemish in self-defense, the woman receiving the mark in an argument with her daughter and the injury coming from an automobile crash the women reportedly had in her own driveway.

"There was a report that she struck (the Norwalk officer) first with a 4-ounce plastic container," Spon said. "There were two or three versions as to how she got the blemish.

"We met with both parties and questioned both separately," he said, adding medical records did not support the woman's claims.

"Also, after the alleged incident, (she) returned to Norwalk with (the Norwalk officer) and stayed at his residence with him for the night," Spon said.

"There was inconsistency among all the statements," Spon said. "So, we decided we will not approve any charges."

Spon offered a bit of advice for the parties involved.

"As law director, having reviewed a very-detailed investigation, I suggest both the chief of police in Norwalk and the Huron County Sheriff's Office have serious discussions with both (the corrections officer) and (Norwalk officer) reminding them that they are involved in public service as a corrections officer and police officer," Spon said. "They need to conduct themselves accordingly as a condition of ongoing employment."

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