Willard resident outraged about neighbors 'terrorizing' the elderly

Aaron Krause • Jun 20, 2013 at 11:06 AM

At least one local family is not only not respecting elderly neighbors but “terrorizing” them, Willard resident Valerie Shaw told council members at their meeting Monday.

“I have never called the police this many times in my adult life,” she said.

Shaw said the incidents have been happening since early December.

Shaw said one of her elderly neighbors is 92 years old. She can’t even walk to the home of a man who needs care without being harassed, Shaw said.

“It’s ridiculous,” she said.

Shaw also said youngsters yell at her and lie down in front of the woman when she tries to mow her lawn. They have made the woman, who has health problems, “more of a nervous wreck,” Shaw said.

“It seems like the criminals have all the rights and my elderly neighbors have none,” she said.

“Have your neighbors called the police?” city manager Brian Humphress asked.

“They’re scared,” she replied.

Willard Mayor Todd Shininger, however, said they’ve called him.

Shaw said Willard police have handled the situations to her satisfaction and told her to keep calling them if incidents happen.

Humphress said even if police step up patrol in the area, they can’t be their “24/7.” He also encouraged Shaw to continue to call police. He added he will talk with Willard Police Chief Mark Holden.

“We’ve got to take care of this immediately,” Shininger said. “Really pay attention to this; this is serious.”

A June 12 report indicates Clark stated “the neighbor kids are in the yard playing while the resident is trying to mow her yard.”

According to a report dated June 16, Shaw reported “four young girls have been stealing pavement bricks from the neighbors and taking them to the back yard of the above location.”

Another June 16 report indicates Shaw requested an officer “as one of the juvenile’s mom is yelling and making threats toward her.”

Police declined to release the suspects’ names because they haven’t been charged. They also declined to release additional details, since they’re investigation the complaints.

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