Norwalk drug dealers plead guilty to separate heroin offenses

Cary Ashby • May 11, 2013 at 6:07 PM

Two drug dealers pleaded guilty Wednesday to separate heroin-related crimes.

Kurt R. Miller, 29, of Norwalk, was convicted of trafficking in heroin. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the defendant sold .02 grams of heroin to a confidential informant. The Norwalk Police Department coordinated the March 1, 2012 controlled drug buy.

As part of a plea deal, the state agreed not to pursue a failure to appear warrant. Miller didn't show up for his final pre-trial hearing Tuesday.

Miller, who remains out on bond, will be sentenced June 26. Since he has a prior felony conviction, he could be sentenced to six to 12 months in prison.

In another case heard Wednesday, Devin S. Espinoza, 27, of 93A Grove Ave., pleaded guilty to one unrelated count each of trafficking in heroin and possession of heroin. As part of a plea deal, the state dismissed a tampering with evidence charge.

Espinoza turned himself into the Huron County Sheriff's Office on the trafficking warrant Sunday. Defense attorney Reese Wineman said his client tested clean during a subsequent drug screen.

The trafficking in heroin conviction is for a Nov. 29 incident. Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker said a confidential informant used by Norwalk police arranged to meet Espinoza on St. Mary's Street near the football field, where the defendant sold five balloons of heroin for $100.

Espinoza's possession of heroin conviction is for a Dec. 3 incident when he was on a Harkness Street porch. Shenker said police were in the process of using a search warrant at a nearby residence when officers saw Espinoza, who ran away and threw 19 heroin balloons into a trash can. Police later recovered the drugs.

"It was in a Tupperware container," Shenker said.

Espinoza will be sentenced July 2. He faces six to 18 months behind bars on the trafficking charge and six to 12 months for the possession conviction.

Both defendants are subject to random drug screens.

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