Victim of suspected sex offense testifies

Cary Ashby • May 2, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    A former Norwalk man accused of sexually assaulting two girls heard testimony from the youngest of his accusers Wednesday.

   Norvell T. McIntire, 45, of Sandusky, is charged with one count each of rape and gross sexual imposition in connection with an incident involving a 14-year-old girl in August before school started. He also faces one felony charge each of attempted gross sexual imposition and importuning plus public indecency, a second-degree misdemeanor, all stemming from an Aug. 27 incident involving a 12-year-old girl.

   Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the suspected offenses happened in the same house where local children hang out and was the residence of McIntire’s girlfriend. To help him keep the incidents straight, Longo said he refers to one as “the couch incident” and the other as the “upstairs incident.”

   “This is where multiple kids are at any given time,” Longo told the jury during his opening statement.

   McIntire reportedly approached the girl in the home Aug. 27 when she was on the couch under a blanket. Longo said his client is accused of trying to put the victim’s girls down his gym shorts and allegedly tried to get her to look at his genitalia.

   “This allegedly happened in a room full of kids … none of whom heard anything or saw anything,” Longo said.

   When McIntire grabbed the girl’s arm, she “stiffened (and) tried to pull away,” Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer DeLand said. McIntire was only wearing the shorts at the time.

   In the other suspected incident, the older girl went to the house when the family wasn’t home, but McIntire reportedly was there by himself. DeLand said before the victim knew what happened, “the unthinkable happened” and the suspect “threw her down,” using his hands to keep hers over her head and fondled her.

   The 12-year-old girl testified she and the other girl, her best friend, when McIntire approached them and asked if he could touch their butts.

   “We said no and walked away. When we walked away, he smacked our butts … with his palm,” she said.

   “He was asking (earlier) if he could touch our butts,” the girl said. “He asked me twice. I thought he just wanted to smack it.”

   Longo, in his opening statement, told the jury they would hear “two stories of alleged molestation of two minors.” But he said after they hear inconsistent testimony and “a lack of corroboration,” the jurors will realize the accounts are fictional and the two girls may be “in cahoots.”

   About a week after the suspected butt-touching incident, the girl was at the house with eight other children and McIntire. She said she got cold because of the air conditioning and sat down on the couch with the defendant because he had the only blanket in the room, where most of the children were wrestling.

   “My head was on his lap,” she said. “We sat like that for five to 10 minutes.”

   McIntire eventually got up and when he returned to the couch, “he untied his shorts” before he sat down, the girl said.

   “He tried to pull my right arm to his penis,” she said. “When he was pulling, I flexed (and) I kept my arm back.”

   When McIntire reportedly pulled away his blanket and shorts, the girl said she saw “blackness” out of the corner of her eye. The suspect is black and his accuser is white.

   “I was scared, but I didn’t want to be too suspicious. I didn’t want to explain it to the other kids,” the girl said.

   The girl said she got up from the couch and had two of her friends to come to the bathroom with her.

   “I told them everything that happened,” she said, but she didn’t tell her parents until much later.

   Having known McIntire for several years before this, the girl said she was “kind of in shock” about what happened.

   “I didn’t think Norvell would do something like that,” she said.

   Testimony continues today.

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