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City fires employee recently arrested for alleged possession of meth pipes

Scott Seitz2 • May 2, 2013 at 12:54 AM

The city of Norwalk has fired a water treatment plant employee who was already on parole for counterfeiting money at the time of his hire and then later arrested April 2 by sheriff's deputies and found to be in possession of drug-abuse instruments including methamphetamine pipes.

"As of April 24, Mr. Wesley Mills has been terminated from probationary employment with the city of Norwalk as a water treatment plant operator," said Josh Snyder, public works director.

"The city exercised its rights under Ohio Civil Service Law and under the city of Norwalk personnel policy manual to terminate Mr. Mills' probationary employment due to admitted violations of Section 8.4 of said manual," Snyder said.

"Prior to Mr. Mills' termination, the mayor issued an amendment to the personnel policy manual on April 17 addressing additional violations which would preclude employment with the city of Norwalk. This amendment disqualifies candidates for city employment who have been convicted of a felony, offense of moral turpitude, theft, or any offense directly related to the subject matter of the position," he added.

"The city looks forward to filling the vacancy from the remaining list of eligible candidates as certified by the Norwalk Civil Service Commission," Snyder said.

Mills, 30, is from Roseville.

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