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Deputies search for gun used to beat victim

Scott Seitz2 • Mar 7, 2013 at 7:07 PM

A team of Huron County sheriff's deputies searched a number of areas in Fitchville Township on Wednesday, trying to locate a firearm allegedly used to beat a victim during a recent robbery.

"This was a very significant crime, especially, in this part of the county, which is usually pretty peaceful," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

The search team looked in a number of areas after receiving a tip about the gun's possible location.

The crime the sheriff was referring to took place Friday at a Fitchville Township home on U.S. 250.

Four Greenwich Township residents were arrested Saturday for their roles in the incident.

Jeremy Sax, 34, Brittany Fernekees, 23, Larry Thornsberry, 35, and Treva Campbell, 29, who all reside at 5034 Ohio 13, were arrested by Huron County sheriff deputies at their Greenwich Township home.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin recapped the incident.

"We received a call at 9:27 p.m. Friday from Fisher-Titus who said they had an assault victim at their emergency room with a head laceration," Querin said previously.

"Sgt. (Chuck) Summers spoke with the victim who indicated he wanted to file a police report that his house had been broken into and he had been robbed and assaulted," Querin said. "He said he had been robbed and assaulted with a firearm by several individuals.

"Now, the victim claimed they used a firearm, but deputies never found a firearm upon searching of the home," Querin said. "That doesn't mean one wasn't used."

Querin said the situation began to develop Friday when Fernekees, who used to date the victim, went to the U.S. 250 home in Fitchville Township to retrieve her laptop computer.

"Originally, only Brittany (Fernekees) went inside the residence to get the laptop," Querin said. "Later, Larry (Thornsberry) and Jeremy (Sax) came into the house without permission and began to assault the victim.

"The victim alleges he was beaten with a firearm and he was later treated for a head laceration and released," Querin said.

The search will continue until the firearm is found, Howard said, adding several special deputies will likely aide in the search.

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