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Burglary victim offers $1,000 reward

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Feb 4, 2013 at 11:11 AM

A New London man is offering $1,000 for the return of his knife collection and other belongings taken from his home last week.

Ed Fannin's Clifton Street home was broke into Jan. 28 during daytime hours, according to New London Police Sgt. Joe Hicks.

"It just tears me up," Fannin said.

Even though the knife collection is worth thousands of dollars, it's the sentimental value that is so devastating to Fannin.

Fannin's deceased father started the collection when the younger Fannin was 5 years old, he said. As Fannin grew up, he and his father built fond memories as they continued collecting the knives.

Fannin's father left the knives to him and now, sadly, his son feels he failed him because he wasn't able to keep them safe.

Along with the knife collection, the thief or thieves made off with several firearms, antique collectible coins and a remote control car, said New London Police Chief Mike Marko.

Police are going through their routine investigation steps, but so far, they've had no luck.

"We're checking several leads, but we have no solvent suspects at this time. It's very frustrating especially when there are so many guns involved," Marko said.

Hicks interviewed the other residents in the neighborhood. However, no one saw anything out of the ordinary.

"We need eyes and ears out there. Every little bit helps. If you see something suspicious, call us," Marko said.

Meanwhile, a second burglary that authorities believe may be related is being investigated by the Huron County Sheriff's Office, according to Sheriff's Major Greg England.

On Jan. 31, a North Fairfield Township resident returned home to find his home was ransacked and several guns were taken, said Sheriff's Detective Bill Duncan. That burglary also took place during daytime hours.

"We can't tell right now if they're connected but we haven't had a lot of gun thefts so having one on Monday and then one on Thursday is interesting," Duncan said.

The Fairfield Angling Road residence also was entered through a rear door that was forced open, said the detective.

The guns were kept in a safe, but the burglar used a power tool to break into it, Duncan said.

Neither law enforcement agency released how many guns were taken from either location not only because the crimes are still under investigation but also because the homeowner's are still complying their lists.

Anyone with information on either of the thefts is encouraged to contact authorities.

The New London Police Department can be reached at (419) 929-3504 and the Huron County Sheriff's Office can be contacted at (419) 668-6912.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Reflector Correspondent Heather Chapin-Fowler.

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