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The rebirth of the Norwalk Theatre

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Dec 10, 2012 at 9:18 PM

Roof repairs have begun at the Norwalk Theatre. The most damaged sections have been rebuilt, others resealed and the auditorium roof repairs will begin soon. 

The new owners, Kim and Joe Cerri, purchased the theatre at an auction sale earlier this year. They said they are relieved to have these repairs in progress.

Their story is featured as the first installament of the second annual “12 Days of Development” series, presented by the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. in partnership with the Norwalk Reflector, highlights a variety of positive development projects from this past year that involve expansion, redevelopment, renovation or reinvestment in the community.

From the purchase of the former children’s home and Norwalk Theatre to new retail stores in Uptown Norwalk to manufacturing and healthcare expansion projects, 2012 has been a strong year full of growth and reinvestment in Norwalk and the surrounding area. For each of the 12 days before Christmas, one story will be featured in the Norwalk Reflector about development in the Norwalk area. These good news stories were written with area businesses to help promote the positive activity in the community.

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