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There's a new No. 1 when it comes to Norwalk's worst street for breaks

Scott Seitz2 • Dec 10, 2012 at 5:17 PM

Oakwood Drive has the worst waterlines in Norwalk.

"With about eight waterline breaks this year, Oakwood has taken over the top spot," said Josh Snyder, city public works director.

That's why the city is fast-tracking a waterline replacement project for Oakwood Drive, presently.

Snyder said once some preliminary work is completed, the design phase for the project can begin, possibly as soon as next week.

"The design phase could take four to six weeks and then we have to bid the project which could be another two to three weeks," he said. "February is probably the earliest we could start the work there and that is heavily dependent on the weather."

The Oakwood line was installed in 1977.

"That's a relatively young line -- 35 years old," Snyder said. "You usually expect a waterline to last 80 to 100 years and we're getting only 35 here which is not common."

So, what happened?

"You never really know," Snyder said. "It could be the soil types or maybe the construction or maybe the piping. It could be all of them."

Once the project begins, crews will replace a 900-foot stretch of waterline on Oakwood.

The total cost of that project will be $207,000.

Snyder said officials recently met with Oakwood residents after three recent waterline breaks.

"So the residents knew we had a game plan," he said.

Oakwood Drive bumped Sycamore Drive off the top spot for worst waterlines, Snyder said.

But Sycamore Drive residents need not fear, a 1,700-foot stretch of waterline on that street will also be repaired in 2013.

The Sycamore project will cost about $391,000 and be paid for out of the water fund, Snyder said, as will Oakwood.

"We want to bid these projects together," Snyder said. "We can hopefully take advantage of pricing with quantity."

Snyder said the Oakwood project will be done first.

"It'll be nice next year to knock the top two off the list," he said.

Snyder said once work is completed on Oakwood and Sycamore, he can turn his attention to what street presently has the third-worst waterlines -- Central Boulevard.

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