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Norwalk couple to be on 'Dr. Phil' Monday

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Dec 10, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Joe and Barb Widman, of Norwalk, plus Barb’s son, will appear on today’s “Dr. Phil” episode entitled “Mama’s Boys.”

According to the show’s website, Joe says his stepson, Rendall, is a 25-year-old mama’s boy who is currently funding his college education with a $50,000 loan, which Joe’s wife, Barb, co-signed. Rendall insists he’s not taking advantage of his mom.

Currently unemployed, does he have plans to pay back the loan, or will he let his mom foot the bill? Can Dr. Phil help Rendall get traction to succeed on his own?

The show also will feature Barbara Streisand promoting her new film with Seth Rogan about a mother and son on a road trip.

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