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Silcox demands public apology

Scott Seitz2 • Nov 16, 2012 at 10:36 PM

It's no real secret the relationship between outgoing Huron County Commissioner Larry Silcox and the sheriff's office has been strained.

But Silcox said Thursday at least one deputy crossed the line on election night, Nov. 6, by blasting cruiser lights and sirens in front of his home on Rosedale Boulevard after election results were in and it was apparent Tom Dunlap would defeat Silcox.

Silcox said Thursday he'd like a public apology from the sheriff's office.

"It was totally inappropriate and juvenile," he said. "It was about 11 p.m."

Silcox said the cruiser was one of the new Dodge's.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Thursday he was aware of the alleged incident and made inquiries throughout the office.

Howard said if the event took place, he has not discovered who might be the culprit.

The sheriff added 11 p.m. is a shift change for deputies.

"At this point, let's just assume that it happened," Howard said. "I don't condone that sort of behavior and it is very unprofessional and childish.

"But remember, Mr. Silcox and Mr. Dunlap live almost right next door to each other," Howard added. "I think if someone was blowing horns it was more in celebration for Tom Dunlap. There was a gathering that night at Mr. Dunlap's and many people were blowing horns.

"The same thing happened to me when I was first elected," Howard continued. "Someone came by blowing a horn at 3 a.m."

Howard added he's not going to spend "hours and hours" investigating this matter, but said Thursday he would make further inquiries.

"If someone comes forward I will discipline them," he said, adding the deputy will receive a write-up.

"Again, I'm not condoning this action, but Mr. Silcox has not done a great job in fostering a relationship with the deputies here," the sheriff said, adding a deputy could have been caught up in the moment or been a little excited.

Sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick was at Dunlap's on election night.

Patrick said horns blaring is not unusual during certain events.

"I was there," he said about Dunlap's get-together. "Horns were blaring" he said in support of Dunlap.

Patrick also said horns blare and lights are activated for successful athletic teams and often times when an officer gets married.

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