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Airport, sheriff's cruisers, grant funds among topics discussed by commissioners

Scott Seitz2 • Nov 5, 2012 at 9:16 PM

Huron County buildings were spared for the most part the wrath of Hurricane Sandy last week.

"We had a couple water leaks, but nothing major," County Commissioner Larry Silcox said. "We also had a window blown out at the antique mall in the uptown at the corner of Linwood and Main."

As 2012 winds down, the commissioners are taking care of a lot of end-of-year business.

"Normal bookkeeping," Silcox said. "Traditionally, office holders will do a lot of transfers at the end of the year to get things balanced. We're starting to see that."

The commissioners were dealing with a number of farm leases involving county property last week.

"There's property at the airport and on Shady Lane and at the transfer station," Silcox said. "There was one piece at the airport where there were no bidders across from Ohio 601, but that wasn't a surprise because there is no culvert or access. We're working on a culvert there."

In other business, Silcox said Lorain County had about $200,000 in extra Community Development Block Grant funds and some of that could come to the county.

"We're working on a couple projects, waiting to see if they qualify," Silcox said.

"One of the projects is in the city of Bellevue near property the library owns," he said. "There are three buildings they want to tear down and this money might be able to fund two.

"There is a also a re-hab house in Willard that needs sold by the end of the year," Silcox said. "We're working on getting that done."

Other projects are on the county agenda, including upgrading the DOS-based heating system at the county jail.

"That could cost about $27,500 and it may be in the budget for next year," Silcox said. "It doesn't have to be done right away and we're trying to get it for a little cheaper than that."

The commissioners also held an investment meeting with Treasurer Kathleen Schaffer.

Silcox said the investment board is considering working with an investment counselor, who deals with public money.

A few other things are on the horizon.

"Common pleas court wants to purchase a couple vehicles for the probation department because their vehicles are getting old and they have the money," Silcox said.

"And we also sent a letter to the sheriff asking about cars for next year so we can budget for that," he said.

"We're getting ready to finalize the interim budget," Silcox said. "But we haven't got the final figures from the auditor yet."

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