NHS engineering students working with NASA

Aaron Krause • Nov 2, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Norwalk High School senior engineering students are engaged in hands-on problem solving skills, which will also benefit personnel at NASA PlumBrook.

The students are working with NASA PlumBrook on two separate issues faced at PlumBrook Station.

The Light Team (comprised of Jessica Dalton, Chianti Ghalson and Matt Silcox) are working to solve the problem of existing warning lights not effectively catching the attention of personnel entering test areas.

These test zones need to be enforced during on-site testing to ensure safety. The teams' task is to design, develop, test, evaluate, and deliver two barricade warning light systems -- one using existing power and one that has stand-alone power and that is portable.

The Power Drive Team (Alex Doughty, Cody Fannin, Tyler Jackson and Bailey Rarick) are working to solve a problem also dealing with safety at PlumBrook. In the Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility, B2, there are a number of confined space work areas. A concern of the facility staff is the ability to evacuate injured personnel through a vertical shaft roughly 6 feet wide and 120 feet deep. The teams' task is to design, develop, test, evaluate and deliver an ergonomically sound motor assisted unit for the rescue winches currently used by first responders."

Pictures of the two teams working with NASA employees appear on the front page of Friday's Reflector.

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