7-Eleven in M'ville a done deal

Aaron Krause • Oct 13, 2012 at 12:50 PM

Village clerk-treasurer Bonnie Beck wants to set the record straight about 7-Eleven: A location will open in Monroeville, on the site of the current.

"It's a go," she said. The utilities are currently in the name of 7-Eleven, she added.

In a story reporting the news Thursday on page A-6, a company official told the Reflector that Monroeville is not listed in a company report of store openings within the next six months.

Beck said it could possibly take several months before the existing store begins to sell 7-Eleven products. However, Beck said the company plans to fill out village permits and send it back to the village, in preparation for the store's opening.

Beck also said a sign change-over is in progress.

Beck said the company will retain the current employees and the gas pumps will remain.

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