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Woman's heroin-related conviction will be erased if she completes treatment program

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Sep 23, 2012 at 12:45 PM

A woman caught with heroin has a chance to have a felony charge wiped from her record, provided she successfully completes a drug treatment program.

Tami E. Claus, 38, of 12518 Arlington Road, Berlin Heights, pleaded guilty Friday to possession of heroin while being booked into jail, a fifth-degree felony.

Claus, 37, of 2874 U.S. 250 S., was indicted by a Huron County grand jury on one count of possession of heroin.

In March, she made a "consensual encounter" with Norwalk Police Department detectives Sgt. Jim Fulton and Seth Fry.

"The consensual encounter occurred after an anonymous call was received advising Tami Claus (and two other people) were in possession of heroin and in a red Ford Contour," according to a police report.

Police discovered Claus' driver's license is currently suspended. The report states she gave verbal consent to search her vehicle. Fulton discovered a pouch in the trunk which contained two needles, a spoon and a tie-off.

Claus filed a motion for intervention in lieu of conviction. She will undergo drug treatment for three years, Leffler said. If she is successful, she won't have the felony conviction on her record.

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