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Commissioners tweaking budget

Scott Seitz • Dec 26, 2011 at 12:08 PM

The Huron County commissioners continue to update the proposed 2012 budget.

About a week ago, the commissioners came under a bit of heat for their initial budget proposal. In fact, about 20 members of the sheriff's office surprised the board with a visit to protest the budget.

Commissioner Larry Silcox spoke Thursday about the budget and the changes already under way.

"We have adjusted the prosecutor's budget and sheriff's budget," Silcox said. "Now, it did not go all the way up to match this year.

"The plan right now is to put some money back in there," he added.

Silcox said once the board gets more information on what health insurance will cost and other final data more budgets can be tweaked.

"We hope to have an interim budget passed Tuesday," he said.

"We told everyone the first budget was a proposal," he added. "Some office holders listened and some didn't."

Silcox said the contingency, which originally had about $241,000 in it for 2012, is down now to about $38,000.

"And some of these budgets could even get a little better," he said. "But don't look for a lot."

The county could be looking at a 30-percent increase in healthcare costs.

"We don't have those final numbers yet," Silcox said. "We think we can get that down to 20 or 22 percent."

Silcox said employees might see a 3-percent hike in employee contribution toward healthcare.

"We're doing what we can with all the numbers," he said. "These are very difficult economic times.

"The money just isn't there that used to be," Silcox said. "It's difficult to divide it and when you do that nobody's happy."

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