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Milan siblings bring enthusiasm to United Fund fundraising

bigjoe • Sep 18, 2011 at 2:19 PM

Raising money for charities gets harder and harder when times are tough.

But for two Milan youngsters, it’s been a piece of cake

And for their efforts, Sarah and Jared Everman received the Community Commitment Award on Thursday morning at the Norwalk Area United Fund Kickoff Breakfast.

Sarah, 12, a seventh-grader, and Jared, 9, a fourth-grader, attend Edison Middle School. They are the children of Eric and Cheryl Everman.

“They represent just an enormous amount of enthusiasm,” United Fund Executive Director Linda Bersche said.

“They never ask ‘why am I doing this.’ They have been responsible for raising almost $2,000 — more than $2,000 — selling Bauman Auto tickets and 50-50 raffle tickets at Norwalk Raceway Park.”

McKenzie Neuburger, United Fund assistant, said the two are a pleasure to work with.

“As soon as they walk in the door, I didn’t get a ‘Hi, how and you?’ They were running up to me OK (and asking), ‘How much have we sold? What do we need to do? Where are we going?’ And I stopped here right there and said, ‘Hi Sarah,’ and she said, ‘Hi, what are we doing?’” Neuburger said.

“I wish there were more adults who had this much enthusiasm for volunteering as they do.” 

The two youngsters were modest winners.

“I try to what is good. ... I believe that helping is great and the United Fund deserves is,” Sarah Everman said.

How about working with her brother?

“We are a good selling team.”

“My dad. My mom and Grandma Kathy,” he said.

A number of the United Fund’s programs were highlighted at the breakfast, including Tool Time and Community Canning Day with partner Trinity Lutheran Church in Monroeville.The goal again this year is $330,000 — the same it has been the last four years.

Also speaking at the event was 2011 president Susan Hazel and 2012 president Ed McClendon.

High school representatives for 2011 are Rebecca Hartman, of St. Paul; Shaye Close, of Norwalk; Ivy Keller, of Monroeville; and Katelyn Stahl, of Western Reserve. Representatives for 2012 are Taylor Hartman, of St. Paul; McKenzie Hall, of Norwalk; Ashley Gies, of Monroeville; and Hayley Beck, of Western Reserve.

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