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No raises for school administrators doesn't reflect on job performances, board says

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jul 25, 2011 at 5:01 PM

A local school board voted at its recent meeting to give a zero percent increase to the superintendent, K-8 principal, treasurer, assistant treasurer, technology person, cafeteria supervisor and office staff.

However, the South Central board members stressed that due to the district's financial picture, this was the reason and it was in no way reflective of job performances.

Treasurer Joyce Dupont reported that fiscal year 2011 ended with revenue in excess of expenditures. The budget for fiscal 2012 is $4.7 million less than 2011. The district will have a loss of about $500,000 due to personal property reimbursement and state funds.

"We are looking at deficit spending of about $588,000 in fiscal 2012," she said.

Look for the full story in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.

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