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Norwalk residents claim basements are collapsing due to poor drainage

Scott Seitz2 • May 11, 2011 at 5:00 PM

One week after a Norwalk resident complained about drainage problems, saying his basement is collapsing, another resident spoke to city council about a similar problem Tuesday.

Robert Bennett, of 29 Oakwood Drive, said at last week's meeting he's also having basement water issues. "My basement is also collapsing," Sandor said.

At this week's meeting, Michelle Sandor, of 43 Oakwood Drive, said she's also experiencing drainage problems in her basement.

Bennett said the water runs from his direction down toward Sandor's end of the street.

"You could run a kayak down there," Bennett said. "I'm not being funny. It's running from my house down to theirs. Every single basement is falling in."

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