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UPDATE - Firearms thief caught, sent to prison

Cary Ashby • May 5, 2011 at 12:04 AM

A man who was convicted of stealing 12 firearms and skipped his sentencing hearing on Tuesday was sentenced to four years in prison Wednesday.

Huron resident Brian H. Eddington, 28, didn't appear for his original hearing Tuesday morning in Huron County Common Pleas Court. About two hours after the scheduled proceeding and Judge Jim Conway issued a failure to appear arrest warrant, Eddington came to court.

Eddington, who tested positive for multiple illegal drugs when probation officers were preparing his pre-sentence report, was ordered to pay about $7,904 to the victim, Juan Sanchez, of Beckstein Road, Bellevue. The defendant also must pay $350 in restitution to Dave Serwin Guns in Fremont, where Huron County sheriff's deputies recovered three shotguns and a rifle.

Sanchez's home was entered through an unlocked garage door about 11:40 p.m. Oct. 5. When he came home from work, he discovered 12 guns were missing.

Two doors were destroyed and there was plate glass "all over the place," Sanchez told the court Wednesday.

"They didn't have to destroy the house the way they did," he said.

Sanchez and Huron County Chief Assistant Public Defender David Longo said there were anywhere from one to four other accomplices who assisted Eddington with the break-in, but none of the suspects have been charged.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff was asked about the other co-defendants after Wednesday's hearing.

"It's still an open case and we don't comment on open cases," he said.

Eddington's girlfriend, Cyrina Famulare, attended the sentencing hearing.

"He needs to serve his time," she said later, but stressed it's not fair for Eddington to be in prison when there are other co-defendants out on the street.

"I know there was at least one, but he has not been indicted on anything at all. That's not fair at all," Famulare said.

Eddington "only got involved (in this crime) because he's an addict and was strung out," Longo said in court.

"He was fully cooperative with the authorities. He told them everything he knew," Longo said, including naming who else was involved.

Famulare, the defendant's girlfriend, said after the hearing that Eddington was hooked on oxycodone. While she'd been taking him to the doctor and Eddington attempted to get off drugs on his own, Famulare said it wasn't enough.

Capt. Ted Patrick gave an update Tuesday about the eight remaining handguns, which haven't been recovered.

"It looks like several of the guns went to Toledo for drugs. We notified the authorities up there," Patrick said.

Eddington pleaded guilty March 21 to theft of firearms in exchange for prosecutors dismissing a burglary charge.

This isn't Eddington's first brush with the law.

On Nov. 2, 2005, he was sentenced to two years in prison for complicity to robbery and 17 months for safecracking.

Eddington was ordered to pay about $1,821 in restitution to Shopco Stores Collections in Green Bay, Wis. and about another $3,167 to Kasper Chevrolet, court records indicate. Eddington was ordered to serve the local two-year sentence at the same time he did four years in prison for an unspecified Sandusky County conviction.

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