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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

First, I would like to thank Allen Nielson of Norwalk for his response to my Jan. 8 letter. It's nice to get feedback. But again, I have some issues.

I'm not quite sure about the "You, Chris Pawlicki..." stuff. It seems just a little hostile. Was it to set a lecture tone? I know what I wrote, Allen Nielsen, so why waste the time repeating it?

I also appreciate your self-appointed Reflector spokesman status for the visiting viewpoint, but that was kind of the point of my last letter. Thanks for the tip you, Allen Nielsen, but I already got it handled.

I based my tag of Socialist based on previous writings of Pat Saunders that I have read over the past 14 years while living in Norwalk. Socialism as defined via Wikipedia is "a broad array of ideologies and political movements with the goal of a socioeconomic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community." I stick by my original letter, Allen Nielsen.

Social and economic justice, who couldn't get behind that line? But it needs clarification by you, Allen Nielsen. How do you achieve that? Are you talking affirmative action, repealing NAFTA, easing restrictive regulations on steel manufacturers, greater redistribution of wealth, (see definition of Socialism) what's the game plan? I'm open to suggestions.

So, in turn, socialism has nothing to do with "helping our fellow person." You are blurring the issue of political ideology and being "a good Samaritan," supporting your community and neighbors through acts of compassion and kindness. But I agree with you that most people (including yours truly) should and could do more in this light.

I'm not quite sure how you, Allen Nielsen, made the leap to the single-payer health care system, but I'm willing to take a walk with you.

You, Allen Nielsen, state that 70 percent of society wants to see a one-payer system. (Allen, you gave me a tip so I'll return the favor. When quoting poll results it's a good idea to quote your source. It gives you more credibility wink, wink!) I'm guessing that you are referring to the February 2007 New York Times/CBS poll about health care. You are a little off as 95 percent of Americans think non-insured people are a serious problem, 64 percent agreed that the government should provide health care to all Americans and 60 percent would pay higher taxes to do so. After that, it gets kind of convoluted as the same polling sample is satisfied with its current health care by a 77 percent margin and only 43 percent said it would be fair to make all Americans participate in a Government run plan. There also is an underlying fear that the government could then dictate what treatment and procedures are available to individuals under such a plan.

Now HR 676 has been offered in every congressional session since 2003 and the above poll results may indicate why people are not phoning their representatives and demanding its passage. But polls are flawed, so who knows. Health Care is a huge cost for the foundry I work for and the single payer system would in theory; eliminate the money outlay in favor of a tax payment that would be much smaller. I'm sure it would be at first, but I just have a scary vision of a bureaucratic nightmare that would negate the proposed savings. So again, I agree we could come up with something, but I hardly think the system is as horrible as you, Allen Nielson proclaims it is. It's a huge issue and HR 676 is not the complete answer, no matter how good the intentions are.

And, finally, on our old pal Dennis Kucinich. God Bless him. Ohio's 10th district (formerly the 20th) was helmed by Democrat Mary Rose Oakar from 1977 to 1993 and she was defeated by Martin Hoke due to her role in the House Banking Scandal. Hoke was a fluke, so it was easy pickings for Kucinich. I don't question the guy's drive or devotion to his district I just disagree with a bunch of his ideas. I mean, John Edwards won't take corporate or PAC money and is a charismatic and viable candidate who stands for much of what Kucinich does, so I don't get the wild Dennis devotion. So again, I stand by my Jan. 8 letter that the UFO could help.

Chris Pawlicki is a Norwalk resident.

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