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The answer is - Jack Pfanner

bigjoe • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM

NORTH FAIRFIELD - Answer: He won the Quickie Quiz on WLKR radio Friday for the 300th time in his career.

Question: Who is Jack Pfanner?

Pfanner, 68, correctly answered the question: "There are more than 1,500 of these are on the Internet?"

"My first guess was dating services and that was wrong," Pfanner said. "My wife (Cheryll) came up with the answer and it was college degrees."

Anybody who is or has been a regular listener of WLKR the past 40 years would recognize Phanner's voice. He's been a regular since he began working with the station in the late 1960s. He did a monthly coin show from 1983 to 2003.

"In a nutshell, in 1967 I came to Norwalk (and) worked for WLKR as a transmitter engineer," Pfanner said. "In 1972 I became chief engineer and in 1973 I had to take disability. They thought it was MS (Multiple Sclerosis), but it turned out to be a spinal cord degeneration."

He's spent his share of time in the hospital and has had had a number of operations.

"With the price of scrap metal I could get an awful lot for him," Cheryll said with a laugh. "We kid about it that's the only thing you can do."

Pfanner doesn't get out of the house often, so he likes to listen to the radio.

He's a trivia buff and the Quickie Quiz is right down his alley.

"It actually took me 10 years and 11 months to get my first 100 wins," he said. "I am addicted to it. If you were like me and competitive in sports, I was looking for something to keep that competitive edge going. The prizes aren't that great, but if you stop and think about it, how many people would have 300 wins on any show? How many shows have gone that long?

"There are more people who play the Quickie Quiz than any other show in this area. They know my name when I call."

Pfanner's first love is the Cleveland Indians.

"I have been going to the Indians games since 1949, so like almost everybody else, I haven't seen a world champion," Pfanner said.

The last time the Tribe won the World Series was in 1948.

"In 1954 I saw about 50 games," Pfanner said. "I can give you the starting lineup from the 1954 team."

Pfanner then reeled off the lineup without any hesitation.

"The Indians won 111 games that year, then lost four straight to the New York Giants (in the Series).

"When the last out was made, I pitched the radio out of my window," he said. "That was dumb. And what was dumber was the radio hit the front porch and crashed in front of my dad.

"What did he say? I don't think you can put that in the paper. Needless to say, I have never done that again."

Pfanner was at the 1975 home opener when Frank Robinson hit a home run, but the opener at The Jake topped that.

"The most memorable moment came when Jacobs Field opener in 1994. Not because it was the first game or President Clinton threw out the first pitch, but the fact than Randy Johnson had a no-hitter into the eighth inning," Pfanner said.

"Manny Ramirez hit the a ball off the top of the wall to tie the game at 2-2 in the eighth inning and was the winning run. Then Manny was Manny and got picked off at second.

"In the 11th, Eddie Murray doubled to lead off the bottom of the inning, then Wayne Kirby singled in the winning run. Wayne Kirby currently is our batting coach in the minor leagues."

Pfanner could fill hours with Tribe stories next to his family, it's his true love.

He's been homebound since 1994 and with his condition, the radio is his savior.

"I still get out with my wife's help, but I don't get out that often," he said.

Despite his condition, he doesn't want anybody to feel sorry for him.

"I don't think because you are handicapped people should open doors for you," he said. "But you shouldn't hide behind doors. You have to do what can do."

And what Pfanner can do is win the Quickie Quiz.

Jack and Cheryll have four grown children, John, Laura, Jenny Lynn and Christina. Cheryll is mayor of North Fairfield, while Jack presently is in his third term on village council.

"It's the best time we work good as husband and wife because it's the only time she can tell me to shut up and I have to listen," Pfanner said with a laugh.

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