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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Semester time means professional development for the teaching and administrative staff of Norwalk City Schools. On Jan. 18, our professional development day was divided into two parts. During morning hours the teachers and administrators were in-serviced on a variety of topics pertinent to the grade levels they instruct.

Elementary teachers, as directed by Ohio Law HB 276, participated in a seminar on the prevention of child abuse, violence, substance abuse, and the promotion of positive development. This training was led by Aaron Voltz from Erie County Job and Family Services along with the support and expertise of Teresa Alt from Huron County Job and Family Services, Karen Russell and Laura Miller from The Firelands Counseling and Recovery Center. Our training meets the requirement of the law for five years and arms our staff with valuable information to protect the children we serve.

The middle school staff met with Dr. Sharon Rybak , the Single Point of Contact for Region II for the State of Ohio. Rybak spoke with the teachers on how standards have impacted educational reform and the need for change. This work outlines ways to help all students recognize and achieve their learning potential. Following the presentation from Rybak the middle school staff met with our district technology coordinator, Deanna Lund, and learned about new state initiatives, D3A2 (Data Driven Decisions Academic Achievement) and the state of Ohio SUCCESS web-site. Both sites provide intervention lessons and data to help our students, your children, be more successful in their learning.

Our high school staff met with Lund for the D3A2 and SUCCESS presentations the first half of their morning. The high school staff then met together to hear peer presentations on many new and innovative technological learning tools that are being used at Norwalk High School.                              

Teachers are life-long learners. We have to be mindful of educational changes and the best ways to serve our students. This can only be done through time set aside for professional development. It is important that our community know we are always working to do our best to serve the children we see each day in our classrooms.

Before you know it the snow will turn to spring rains and then another summer will be here. Take a moment to ponder where your children began in August and with the help and guidance of a teacher where they will be in June.

Thanks for all you do to support the Norwalk City Schools and help the staff and administration to be the best it can be for the good of the Norwalk community. Together we make a difference.

Sue Goodsite is director of curriculum and instruction, Norwalk City Schools

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