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Roasts & Toasts

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM

Toast the Fab Four of the Monroeville High School wrestling team Hunter and Logan Stieber, Cam Tessari and Chris Phillips who all won state wrestling titles over the weekend. And toast all of 11 local wrestlers who made it to Columbus and competed in the state tournament.

Toast all the snowplow drivers out there city, state, county, township and the private operators who have worked many hard, long hours keeping the roads clear so we can all motor our way to many places in our busy lives. It's a thankless job and it's hard to imagine anyone giving up a warm cozy house on a cold winter night or early-early morning to push snow or spread salt. They may all get paid, some working overtime hours, but winter is almost over (we hope) and they deserve our gratitude for what they do.

Roast all of the inconsiderate drivers who don't give snowplows enough room on the roads to do their jobs. Give those plows a wide berth when you pass them on the highway and stay back when you're following them, even if the truck is stopped. Remember, if you can't see the mirror on a plow truck, the driver can't see you. Plowing snow is a hard enough job to do without having to worry about some knuckle head getting too close and causing an accident.

On the same topic, Roast  all of the people who still refuse to shovel their walks after it snows. On the flip side, toast everyone who helps out their neighbors who are unable to shovel. The elderly and sick just can't get out, so it's nice to see others step forward to give them a helping hand.

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