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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM



Charlotte K. Zimmerman to Zimmerman Family Limited Partnership, 404 Brinker St.

First National Bank of Bellevue to Seven Limers Inc., 569 Southwest St., $30,000.

Ancel L. and Fayetta Webb or survivor to Veronica Farrar, 149 McKim St.

Ancel L. and Fayetta Webb or survivor to Amber Hessler, 325 Lyme St.

Ancel L. and Fayetta Webb or survivor to Rhonda Peek, 136 Buckeye St. N.

Rose Marie Szmik with life estate of Caroline E. Fiore to Rose Marie Szmik, nka Rose Marie Sartor, 158 High St.


2710 Properties Land Development LTD. to 2710 Properties Land Development, 133 North St., 109 North St., 113 North St. 117 North St. 121 North St., 125 North St., 18 Eagle View Dr., 14 Eagle View Dr., 10 Eagle View Dr., 6 Eagle View Dr., 2 Eagle View Dr., 101 North St., 105 North St., 1-21 Eagle View Dr., 129 North St.

New London

Randall G. and Karen S. Ruggles or survivor to Randall G. and Karen S. Ruggles, trustees, 111 New London Ave.


Kimberly L. Perkins to Mill Street Bistro and Bar LLC., 29 Woodlawn Ave., $145,000.

T&S Enterprises LTD. to Mill Street Bistro and Bar LLC., 21 Mill St., $145,000.

Frances Group LTD. to Virginia L. Higgins, 33 Westwind Dr., $175,000.

Kenneth A. Russ to Ashley R. Goebel, 24 League St. E., $75,000.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Scott J. Hamernik, 27 Rosedale Blvd.. and Fernwood, $86,900.

Dennis J. McCreary and Barbara A. Sargant to Brian P. Chase, 9 Chestnut St. W., $50,000.

Gary W. and Judy J. Perry or survivor to Jerry D. and Martha A. Perry or survivor, 85 Cline St., $93,000.

Danyo LTD. an Ohio Limited Liability Company to Abigail Ministries Inc., 3900 Laylin Road.

Southwood Family LP. with life estate of Richard D. Becker to Southwood Family LP. an Ohio Limited Partnership, 2 Southwood Dr.

Applewood Grove LLC. to Donald E. Getz, 7 Jonathon Ln., $23,500.


Stony Brook Corp. to Gary C. and Janet M. Vincent or survivor, Stony Brook.


Branham Family Rentals LLC. to Dean C. and Kathryn W. Schimpf or survivor, 508 Loris PL., $95,000.

Tonya R. Isaac to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 217 Laurel St. W.

Donna R. Stover to Justin L. Gibson, 810 Euclid St., $71,500.


Fitchville Twp.

Timothy and Lucinda C. Amburgy or survivor to Dewayne L. and Margery A. Henderson or survivor, 2825 Fayette Road, $59,900.

Hartland Twp.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Brian Paul Dwight, 436 Ohio 250, $60,000.

New Haven Twp.

Roger Donnamiller to Roger Donnamiller, 3187 Peru Center Road South.

Denise L. Moore to William F. and Pamela M. Nelson or survivor, 2628 North St., $71,000.

New London Twp.

Countrytyme Lodi Ltd. to William D. and Debbie Hyde, 48 Chenango Road South, $25,900.

Norwalk Twp.

Joseph Caizzo and Michael Bockrath to BOCA Holdings LLC., Cleveland Road, 380 East Park Drive, Ohio 20.

Richmond Twp.

Dixie F. Montgomery in care of Beverly King to Kessler Rentals Inc., 3195 Lamar Court, $78,100.

Ridgefield Twp.

Jerry L. Neuberger etal to Nancy E. Fries etal, Huber Road and Lamereaux Road.

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