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REFLECTIONS - Experiencing a piece of history aboard Liberty Belle

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:15 PM

When I was first offered a seat aboard the Liberty Belle, I was excited. I love to fly so being scared didn't even seem to be an option. Then I saw a picture of the plane I had just signed up for and reality hit I was terrified!

The picture of this plane made me wonder if I had spoke to soon. I had just assumed when they said, 'Hey Alisa, do you wanna go for a plane ride?' it would be a regular plane. Nope, not the case. This one was old and to me old meant unsafe. Luckily, Lou, our cameraman, was going, and he knew everything there is to know about airplanes. He explained, or I should say convinced me, that it was completely safe.

We decided to wait until the second flight so that we could get some good pictures and video of the Liberty Belle taking off and landing. Not to mention, I felt a little bit safer seeing it take off and land safely once already! Next it was our turn, we boarded and found seats in the radio room. I prayed before take off.

Once the plane was in the air, we were allowed to move around and experience the whole airplane. In the radio room, the ceiling had an opening (like a window). I didn't realize until we were in the air that it was actually open. If you were tall enough, you would be able to poke your head out and get a great view of the sky. We were able to go into the cockpit, watch the pilots and go below.

Below the cockpit was an experience all on its own. Below was a seat located in the nose of the airplane called the bombardier who ever was lucky enough to sit in that seat was responsible for spotting bombs. I must say that it was the scariest seat on the plane. The nose was like a window to everything below. Just as I was getting comfortable sitting there, it was time to land.

We were in the air for about 20 minutes, but it felt like only five. After exiting the plane, I could only think of how lucky I was to be able to experience this. For 20 minutes, I thought of nothing else, and I was glad that I didn't let my fears get in the way. I experienced a piece of history that was once in a lifetime.

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