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READERS FORUM - Prayers work wonders; pray for our country

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

A follow-up to Mr. Richard J. Rees’s letter of April 8:

There are more of us out here who think as he does. We need to see the politicians for who they really are. In the past I thought at least some of them were good people who ran for elected office because they loved and wanted to better our country, but have come to the conclusion almost all of them run for two reasons: 1. to enrich themselves (do you know any who are poor?) 2. Power, pure and simple.

Please, pay attention to what they are saying and read between the lines. Barac Obama is a magnificent orator who, if you let him, can make you believe water runs uphill. Just what does he mean by change? Change for the worse, at least for us. If people are really thinking objectively, there cannot be anyone left in America who can’t see that Hillary is a compulsive liar. And the third choice, Mr. Mc Cain, is not all that great, either. As I see it, one good reason to vote for him is that he has been solid pro-life. Is that still the case?

Probably, many think national health care is a good idea. Just you wait and see how much it costs when and if it becomes “free.”

Prayer works wonders. Please, say a prayer every day for our country.

Marilyn Kocher


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