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READERS FORUM - Huron County EMA should be ashamed of itself

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM

Recently, representatives from the Huron County EMA were in the area going door to door in order to assess the damage from the flooding that still plagues us to this day. When I found out they were coming I thought “Thank God” someone is going to help us with the thousands and thousands of dollars in damages we have all suffered.

The gentleman arrives at my house and asked what damages we have? We asked him if he would like to come in and inspect the damage himself to which he replied “That will not be necessary,” Not Necessary? How can anyone assess damage unless they actually see it? They did not step foot in any home! But can say that the damage wasn’t severe enough for us to receive help?? If he had actually inspected the damage he would have found that my basement floor is now a spider web of large cracks that have water spouts coming out of them every where, he would also have seen that one of the walls has started to buckle in from the pressure, or that parts of the foundation around my house has cracked and the foundation has shifted is several spots, or that my front porch has cracked down the center and has shifted. The list goes on and is true for pretty much everyone this flooding has affected.

The Huron County EMA should be ashamed of themselves and get their butts back out here and do a true assessment of the damages.

Cathi Schindley


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