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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Why wasn’t the court system concerned about the strict confidentiality of information for juveniles when the story broke in 2005 and why did Judge Cardwell allow the media to be present during the juvenile hearings? Confidentiality of information was just as important then as it is now. The Gravelles, knowing that it would be detrimental for their case, didn’t divulge private, confidential information about their children because they loved them too much to tell the public about the behaviors that made them build enclosures around bunk beds and take other measures to control their behaviors. They didn’t want the children to have to live with that information for the rest of their lives.

Too bad the county wasn’t so concerned. How did the information about a Gravelle child being adopted make the news anyway? Is the county trying to show people that it can adopt out the Gravelle children? Unfortunately, most of the children won’t be adopted. They will linger in the foster care system and when they reach 18 and the foster parents don’t receive money for them anymore, they will be out the door and on their own with no place to go and no family.

How sad. Many of these children will end up in the penal system or living on the streets as drug pushers and/or prostitutes.

Government studies have shown this to be what happens to many foster children. With the Gravelles, all the children had a family. It may not have been perfect, but it was their family. Let’s remember Judge Cardwell’s actions when we go to the polls and vote for someone who makes the right decisions when it comes to confidential information concerning juveniles.

Carol Gibson


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