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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM

Kim Arter, 47, Milan

Immediate family: husband Doug, children Tosha, Joshuah, Brian, Rena, Brandon, Jenna, Lindsay

Education: Madison Sr. High School

Occupation: Owner, Amish Heirloom Furniture Co., four years

What exactly do you do? Sales, customer service, payroll logisitics, deliveries everything associated with running a business

What was your first job? Mr. T's Coffee Shop, $1.50 plus tips

Dumbest customer request or question? Do the Amish deliver?

Most embarrassing moment at work? Bending down to polish furniture and showing "plumber's crack"

What is your dream job? Doing only volunteer work

The most challenging part of my job is: Dealing with mean people

Most rewarding? Satisfied customers who appreciate fine furniture

Most unique habit? Eating all the chocolate off a Milky Way and then eating the center

Biggest pet peeve? Mean or rude people

Biggest guilty pleasure? Chocolate

Most embarrassing part of your CD collection: Bee Gees

Favorite childhood memory: Feeding the baby sheep at my grandparents'; I love taking care of animals

Best thing about living in Milan? Small town with a great school

Biggest complaint? Small town gossip

What do you like to do when you're not working? I'm always working. Do you see how many children I have?

What's been the best car you've ever owned? Ford Explorer Sport

How do you get off the phone with a telemarketer? Hang up

What do you do for exercise? I go to the Rec five days a week for a 6 a.m. workout

What's your favorite recreational activity? Going to our farm in Milan and walking to the river for the peace and quiet.

How do you relieve stress? Walk

Name your favorite place to eat: Angry Bull

What's your favorite song and why? "Silhouette" by Kenny G because it reminds me of my husband

In high school, everyone thought I: was too young to have a child.

The best advice I ever got was: Take care of yourself

People would be surprised to know that I: Have six grandchildren (all boys) and one baking (another boy)

My dream house would have: an inground, Olympic-size pool

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