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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Norwalk council to be busy tonight

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:07 PM

Norwalk Council will be busy at tonight's work session with 10 pieces of legislation up for discussion.

Council will get the first look at a resolution to regulate outdoor furnaces. The resolution requires a permit for new furnaces and requires homeowners to submit a site plan showing exacting where the new furnace would sit and the distances to all existing structures within 300 feet.

The application would also have to include names and addresses for all property owners adjacent to the property.

The resolution requires furnaces be at least 75 feet from the rear, side and front property lines and at least 300 feet from any homes not served by the furnace. It also requires chimney stacks to be at least 20-feet high or 2 feet above the highest peak of any building on all adjacent properties, whichever is higher.

The resolution also required that all exterior furnaces and fuel stored for the furnace must be screened by fencing, landscaping or other suitable enclosure approved by the city zoning inspector.

Mayor Sue Lesch said the proposed resolution is "a start" because it gives council specific ideas to debate and discuss.

Council will also get their first chance to discuss a possible loan to Rob Wilkerson to start up a cosmetology school. Wilkerson Enterprises has applied for a $50,000 from the city's revolving loan fund.

Council will also consider a settlement with Dale and Ellen Coffman, who had been denied a variance to have their property excluded from the city's sidewalk program in 2009. Lesch declined to discuss the variance or the settlement until council had a chance to discuss the situation.

In other business, council will discuss:

*** The entire 2009 sidewalk program.

*** An amendment to the personnel policy manual.

*** A resolution to advertise and receive bids for the Ford Avenue water main replacement project.

*** An ordinance to advertise and receive bids for the Norwood Avenue water line replacement.

*** An ordinance to advertise and receive bids for the Cline Street phase 3 project.

*** An ordinance amending the 2008 annual budget.

*** A transfer of funds appropriated in the 2007 annual budget.

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