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Nursing home notes

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM

Twilight Gardens

We have been practicing for our spring bell choir program and we are getting it down pretty good. The more practice the better.

With the popcorn flying and Dale Figley laughing I don't know what was funnier! Everyone had a real nice time watching the movie 27 Dresses. Even the activities girls were laughing so hard that their mascara was running down their face!

We had a huge turnout of residents and visitors who attended bingo last week. Zella won the special game where you had to have two bingos on you card to win. Dorothy Colish, Zella Kohler, Flora Perry, Lillian Cesa and Gloria Beck all won two times. Everyone had fun picking out his or her favorite snack or knickknacks off the cart.

Rev. Romyne Strickland conducted his weekly Bible study; he spoke in "Jacob returns home."

Labelle came today for her weekly reading group; she started a new series of books.

We had our monthly birthday part and Clyde Anderson for some great entertainment that kept everyone's toes tapping. We all enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Last weekend we played Jokereno and we had a crowd! Everyone was yelling Bingo instead of Jokereno, but that's O.K., it's all the same! Our little helpers were Dylan and Fallon; they helped Penny and Sarah to win two times. Florence and Stewart, Faith, Nadina, Ray and Dale also were big winners.

For Sunday service Pastor Joe came for church. Everyone loves to be together during church. Even though Sundays are long and dreary, it's always goo to uplift your spirit and pray together. "Passage of Mary and Martha" was discussed.

At Euchre club, Ray Kramer won two games and Florence Silcox won one.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our annual Chocolate Party. We sure did have a great time, with all the cheesecakes, cookies, cakes, brownies and ice cream and our entertainment Mr. Keyboard Cleats; we don't know what was better. Our dining room was filled with residents and their family, employees and their family and the public. We has a really nice time, it was decorated really nice and we had over 350 balloons adorning the hallways and the ceiling of the dining room! We all had great fun being together and partying.

Norwalk Memorial Home

Norwalk Memorial Home residents welcomed their new rescue dog, Lexi, a 2-year-old greyhound to the family this week.

Lexi has had fun meeting all the residents. She also has had time to play outside in the snow. To watch her out in the snow is so cute. She ducks down, then hops and turns herself around kicking snow up everywhere. The residents help take care of Lexi. One resident feeds her twice a day and another brushes her teeth.

Residents have had a busy week enjoying the snow and passing around snow balls! Because of the snowy weather, there were some cancellations in activities, but residents made do.

During cooking class, residents made homemade no-bake cookies. This was a reminiscing time for the ladies who use to make them. For those who had never made this kind of cookie before, they gladly took the recipe to share with family members. Residents talked about the different varieties of cookies. Then, of course, they shared their homemade creations with the staff.

Another highlight of the week was a "Happy Hat and Tea Party" with family and friends. There were two requirements to enter the party: one was, everyone had to have a hat, and the other was to wear a smile at all times. Residents also enjoyed a funny looking hat cake and cupcakes, ice tea and lemonade. And to top the day off, Keyboard Cleats entertained residents.

Other activities included bingo coffee corner, exercise and stretch activities, resident council, Holy Communion and holy rosary for Catholic Residents, life enhancement, church services with Ken Downing and nail grooming time. In addition, residents had a happy hour, and enjoyed pistachio pudding in honor of National Pistachio Day.

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