NMS 8th-grader injured in fall

Cary Ashby • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:15 PM

An eighth-grade Norwalk Middle School student was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center after falling on his head in the school parking lot this morning.

The student was treated and released, according to Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Wayne Babcanec.

"Two eighth-grade students were engaging in inappropriate horseplay during recess at Norwalk Middle School," Babcanec said. "During the horseplay one of the students fell down and hit his head. He was taken to Fisher-Titus emergency room where he was treated and evaluated and released later in the afternoon.

"The parent called yesterday afternoon and told us he was released. It doesn't appear the injury was as serious as we first thought."

NMS Principal James Hagemeyer said he wasn't "at liberty" to discuss the incident because it involved a juvenile.

"The kid is fine now. We did send him to the hospital, but he's fine now," Hagemeyer said. "It wasn't as bad as it first sounded."

"He fell on his head, but I don't know if there was internal bleeding," Norwalk Fire Lt. Rick Perry said. "We didn't find any information about what happened."

Perry and another firefighter arrived at the school at 10:55 a.m. and were back at the station 35 minutes later.

The firefighter credited a female teacher with doing a good job of caring for the student before first-responders arrived.

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