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Monroeville academic awards banquet honorees named

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:14 PM

MONROEVILLE — Monroeville High School held its annual Academic Awards Banquet on May 15. Students were honored for their educational accomplishments during the 2007-2008 school year. Representatives from the American Legion, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Marine Corps were in attendance to present awards. MHS teachers and activity advisors recognized their outstanding students, and the Monroeville Academic Boosters awarded academic letters to students who received a GPA of 3.5 or higher for three consecutive grading periods. Also, Ohio Department of Education Awards of Merit were given to students who met its criteria, as well as the president's awards for academic excellence and academic achievement.

Boys' State: Chris Dahs.

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Myles Smith and Leanne Wilhelm.

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Music Award: Alyssa Herber.

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Jenna Schafer.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award: Nicole Ruffing and Randall Littlejohn.

Courageous Student Award: Jake Schwab.

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award: Brock Schafer and Monica Underwood.

Varsity Athlete Award: Justin Kerner, Nick O'Neil, Brock Schafer, Erik Syverson, Nicole Ryan.

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award: Kevin Boehler and Natalie Beck.

Kick Some Butts Videio Contest: Fifth place: Kayla Beck, Randall Littlejohn, Rebecca Schreiner, Holly Stang, Erik Syverson; Tenth place: Chris Dahs, Olivia Gates, Brock Schafer, Monica Underwood.

Rensselaer Medalist: Chris Dahs.

Huron County Student of the Month: January: Jenna Schafer; March: John Elmlinger.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Jenna Schafer.

Wendy's High School Heisman Award: Natalie Beck.

Firelands Challenge Academic Team: Christopher Dahs, captain, Isaac Heyman, McKenzie Alt, Brittany Welch, Mandy Dragon, Adam Mastroianni.

Model UN: Eric Bischoff, Chris Dahs, Katie Drown, Isaac Heyman, Hannah Koch, Randall Littlejohn, Kala Platte, Tori Rogers, Amanda Stang, Deanna Cox, Mandy Dragon, Jordan Hamons, Ivy Keller, Ashley Kuhlman, Adam Mastroianni, Amanda Rickley, Rebecca Schreiner.

Perfect Attendance: Tana Grimes, Keisha Long, Thomas Starr II, Carrie Wilhelm; EHOVE: Elizabeth Lee, Stephen Edwards (two years).

Local Science Fair Superior: Natalie Beck, Marcus Brotzki, Chris Dahs, Katie Drown, John Elmlinger, Justin Myers, Nick O'Neil, Nicole Ruffing, Daniel Schafer, Rachel Schaffer, Megan Smith, Joy Thompson, Leanne Wilhelm.

Local Science Fair Excellent: Kayla Beck, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Boehler, John Elmlinger, Brittany Fritz, Greg Hauler, Dyer Heyman, Steven Heyman, Ivy Keller, Randall LIttlejohn, Brett McGinn, Matt McMorrow, Nicole Ott, Jake Ryan, Brock Schafer, Jenna Schafer, Kyle Schafer, Marisa Schreiner, Rebecca Schreiner, Arielle Sisson, Brittany Skiver, Myles Smith, Brian Sparks, Ross Steiber, Erik Syverson, Kayle Thompson, Brittany Welch.

Local Science Fair Good: Alyssa Herber, Jonathon Jones.

District Science Fair Superior: John Elmlinger, Nicole Ruffing, Megan Smith.

District Science Fair Excellent: Christopher Dahs, Katie Drown, Justin Myers, Dan Schafer.

District Science Fair Good: Joy Thompson, Leanne Wilhelm.

Science Scholarship Day: Megan Smith, Superior; John Elmlinger ,Excellent; Nicole Ruffing, Excellent.

Classroom Awards

Art I: Nina Taylor.

Art II: Whitney Quillen.

Studio Art: Rachel Schaffer.

Crafts: Leanne Wilhelm.

Graphic Communications: Brittany Welch.

Business and Computer

Word Processing: Jeremy Krill.

Software Applications: Brittany Fritz.

Accounting: Nicole Ruffing.

Web Publishing I: Adam Mastroianni.

Web Publishing II: Sydney Schwan.

English and Foreign Language

English 10: Brian Ringholz.

English 12: Nicole Ruffing.

Media: Tyler Haughawout.

Senior Project Presentations Earning 100 Percent: Natalie Beck, Bethany Bercheck, John Elmlinger, Alyssa Herber, Whitney Quillen, Nicole Ruffing, Jenna Schafer, Rebecca Schreiner, Megan Smith, Leanne Wilhelm.

English 9: Marisa Schreiner, Bailey Bollenbacher.

English 11: Adam Mastroianni, Katie Drown.

Spanish II: Marisa Schreiner, Isaac Heyman.

Spanish III: Brandon Welch, Dyer Heyman.

Spanish IV: Bethany Bercheck.

Spanish V: Adam Mastroianni.

French II: Nicole Ryan.

French III: Brian Ringholz.

French IV: Rebecca Schreiner.

French V: Megan Smith.

Family Consumer Science: Greg Hauler, Rebecca Schreiner, Mitch Sweet, Emily Brown, Kaylin Hauler.

Health 9: Ivy Keller, Arthur Lambert.

Industrial Technology Grade 10: Brian Ringholz, Alex Hoyt, Sam Hancock.

Industrial Technology Grade 11: Greg Hauler, Dyer Heyman, Stacey Pocock.

Industrial Technology Grade 12: John Elmlinger, Olivia Gates, Dan Schafer.

Lifetime Math: Elizabeth Sickinger.

Algebra I: Carolyn Schafer.

Algebra I College Prep: Ben Ringenberg.

Algebra II: Brandi Kennedy.

Algebra II College Prep: Eric Leber.

Geometry: Kyle England, Robert Littlejohn.

College Prep Geometry: Marisa Schreiner.

CROSU Calculus: Nicole Ryan.

Trig/Analyt: Jenna Schafer, Chris Dahs.

Advanced Mathematics: Nicole Ruffing.

Chemistry & Physics I: Arhtur Lambert, Marisa Schreiner.

Honors Chemistry: Christopher Dahs, Rebecca Schreiner.

Honors Physics: John Elmlinger, Christopher Dahs.

University of Findlay College Chemistry: John Elmlinger, Nicole Ruffing.

Biology: Keisha Long, Mary Scheid.

Honors Biology: Emily Brown, Kaylin Hauler, Adam Mastroianni, Brian Ringholz.

Anatomy: Greg Hauler, Dyer Heyman, Rachel Schaffer, Rebecca Schreiner.

Social Studies II: Eric Leber.

Current Events: Adam Mastroianni.

Psychology: Dyer Heyman.

Sociology: Lance Johnson.

Social Studies I: Bailey Bollenbacher, Arthur Lambert.

Government: Natalie Beck, Nicole Ruffing.

American History: Rebecca Schreiner.

Renaissance, Senior Members: Kayla Beck, Natalie Beck, Bethany Bercheck, John Elmlinger, Brittany Fritz, Jordan Hamons, Haley Heyman, Ashley Kuhlman, Randall Littlejohn, Crystal Mahl, Brett McGinn, Airrin Perruchon, Whitney Quillen, Nicole Ruffing, Nicole Ryan, Jenna Schafer, Kyler Schafer, Jake Schwab, Megan Smith, Brian Sparks, Monica Underwood, Brittany Welch, Leanne Wilhelm.

Student of the Quarter

Agriculture: Bree Neidermeier, Stephanie Rahrig, Carson Pierce.

Art: Brittany Welch, Leanne Wilhelm, Haley Heyman.

Business: Nicole Ruffing, Jeremy Krill, Brittany Gillespie.

English: Jenna Schafer, Dyer Heyman, Nicole Ruffing.

Family and Consumer Science: Adam Bores, Emily Brown, Whitney Quillen.

Foreign Language: Adam Mastroianni, Brian Ringholz.

Health and Physical Education: Deana Cox, Kyle Boehler, Arthur Lambert.

Math: Eric Leber, Marisa Schreiner, Brian Ringholz.

Music: Haley Heyman, Robert Littlejohn, Elizabeth Sickinger.

Science: John Elmlinger, Miranda Leibold, Chris Dahs.

Social Studies: Arthur Lambert, Kaylin Hauler, Rebecca Schreiner.

Technology: Dan Schafer, John Elmlinger, Sam Hancock.

High School Academic Awards: Academic Letters, first year award. These students have an accumulative 3.5 or higher GPA for three consecutive quarters, Asterisk denotes 4.0 or better GPA: *McKenzie Alt, *Bailey Bollenbacher, Justin Bores, Casandra Cusano, Hailey Dresser, *Stephen Edwards, Marissa Freeman, Brittany Fritz, Marie Gessling, Blake Heyman, *Isaac Heyman, Jonathan Jones, Ivy Keller, Amanda Kesner, *Hannah Koch, *Jeremy Krill, *Arthur Lambert, Brett McGinn, Airrin Perruchon, Ben Ringenberg, Tori Rogers, Carolyn Schafer, *Marisa Schreiner, Sam Schwab, Brian Sparks, Amanda Stang, Hallie Swanson, Mitch Sweet, Nina Taylor, *Natalie Yeckley.

Academic Gold Bars: Second year award. These students have an accumulative 3.5 or higher GPA for three consecutive quarters for the second year in a row, Asterisk denotes 4.0 or better GPA: *Alexandria Bird, Mitch Brewer, *Emily Brown, *Chelsea Clark, *Kaylin Hauler, Justin Kerner, *Ida Kluding, Ashley Kuhlman, *Eric Leber, Robert Littlejohn, Keisha Long, *Adam Mastroianni, *Brian Ringholz, Brock Schafer, Jordan Simon, *Megan Smith, Myles Smith, Greg Spettle, Logan Steiber, *Shelby Timman, *Brandon Welch, *Leanne Wilhelm.

Academic Gold Bars: Third year award. These students have an accumulative 3.5 or higher GPA for three consecutive quarters for the third year in a row, Asterisk denotes 4.0 or better GPA: *Eric Bischoff, Kevin Boehler, *Marcus Brotzki, *Chris Dahs, *Katie Drown, Olivia Gates, *Greg Hauler, Alyssa Herber, *Dyer Heyman, Haley Heyman, *Lance Johnson, Justin Myers, *Nicole Ryan, *Dan Schafer, *Rachel Schaffer, *Rebecca Schreiner, Elizabeth Sickinger, Ross Steiber, Joy Thompson, *Monica Underwood.

Gift Boxes and Gold Bars: Fourth year awards. These students have an accumulative 3.5 or higher GPA for three consecutive quarters for the fourth year in a row, Asterisk denotes 4.0 or better GPA: Kayla Beck, *Natalie Beck, *Bethany Bercheck, *John Elmlinger, Jordan Hamons, *Randall Littlejohn, *Nicole Ruffing, *Jenna Schafer, *Brittany Welch.

National Honor Society, Seniors: Natalie Beck, Bethany Bercheck, John Elmlinger, Jordan Hamons, Haley Heyman, Nicole Ryan, Dan Schafer, Jenna Schafer, Monica Underwood, Brittany Welch.

National Honor Society, Juniors: Chris Dahs, Katie Drown, Greg Hauler, Dyer Heyman, Lance Johnson, Rachel Schaffer, Rebecca Schreiner, Joy Thompson.

National Honor Society, Sophomores: McKenzie Alt, Emily Brown, Kaylin Hauler, Ida Kluding, Eric Leber, Adam Mastroianni, Brian Ringholz, Amanda Stang, Logan Steiber.

National Technical Honor Society: Alexandria Bird, Justin Bores, Shelby Timman, Greg Spettle.

Award of Merit: Kayla Beck, Natalie Beck, Bethany Bercheck, John Elmlinger, Jordan Hamons, Hayley Heyman, Ashley Kuhlman, Randall Littlejohn, Nicole Ruffing, Nicole Ryan, Dan Schafer, Jenna Schafer, Monica Underwood, Brittany Welch.

EHOVE Award of Merit: Alexandria Bird, Justin Bores, Stephen Edwards, Greg Spettle.

EHOVE Award of Excellence: Eric Ruffing.

American Citizenship Award, Seniors: Tyler Palmer, Jenna Schafer, Jacob Schwab, Myles Smith, Monica Underwood, Leanne Wilhelm.

American Citizenship Award, Juniors: Katie Drown, Dyer Heyman, Rebecca Schreiner.

American Citizenship Award, Sophomores: Khye Adams, McKenzie Alt, Marie Gessling.

American Citizenship Award, Freshmen: Carolyn Schafer, Hunter Steiber, Hallie Swanson.

American Citizenship Award, EHOVE: Justin Bores, Stephen Edwards, Alex Bird.

President's Award for Educational Achievement, Seniors: Olivia Gates, Amanda Rickley.

President's Award for Educational Achievement, Juniors: Tori Rogers, Brian Matzek.

President's Award for Educational Achievement, Sophomores: James Dorsey, Mary Scheid.

President's Award for Educational Achievement, Freshmen: Sam Schwab, David Phillips.

President's Award for Educational Achievement, EHOVE: Greg Spettle.

President's Award for Educational Excellence: Kayla Beck, Natalie Beck, Bethany Bercheck, John Elmlinger, Jordan Hamons, Hayley Heyman, Randall Littlejohn, Nicole Ruffing, Nicole Ryan, Dan Schafer, Jenna Schafer, Greg Spettle, Monica Underwood, Brittany Welch.

National Merit Scholar: Rebecca Schreiner.

Distinguished Scholar Award: John Elmlinger, Nicole Ruffing, Jenna Schafer.

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