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Mill Street Bistro and Bar gets rave review at preview

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:16 PM

The Mill Street Bistro and Bar opened its doors for a test run by serving prime rib and hors d'oeuvres Friday night and patrons gave the new restaurant a big thumbs up.

The new Norwalk business, located at 21 Mill St. in the former home of the Press Box restaurant, opens to the public Tuesday.

"We're really excited," said owner Joe Nagy. "It is awesome to see the enthusiasm and the turnout. Everyone seemed excited about the ambiance and the service."

Not to mention the food prime rib, skewers of chicken and beef, egg rolls, fruit, cheese and other appetizers.

"This is great," said Bill Taylor of Norwalk. "I hope people support it."

Chef Bob Boutin was on hand to carve the prime rib.

"We will be presenting food, not serving," he said. "There will be a special every day."

He and his fellow chef, Adriano Orrao, will not be stuck in the kitchen.

"There are times that you can meet the people and get their feedback," Boutin said. "Adriano and I are not going to keep a low profile."

Sun Fey of Norwalk uses her family recipe for eggrolls, and they were a big hit at the restaurant screening.

"It is a very different scene," said Jenny Hipp, a Norwalk native who now lives in Chicago. "This is something Norwalk needs."

Nagy said he intends to provide not only lunch specials, but custom service for any occassion.

"We're going to cater on-site and off," he said. "We're going to be a full-service bistro and bar."

Nagy has been working on his restaurant for months, but just received final approval to open this week.

"We just got everything approved 48 hours ago," he said. "I believe this is a sign of what we can do. We're going to really be able to come together as a team to do some great events."

Mark Phillips, a chef in Rocky River, was impressed with the Mill Street Bistro opening.

"The decor is fantasic," he said, adding that he expected great things from Nagy. "He has so much experience in this field. As soon as I heard he was opening, I said OK, I'll be there."

Nagy is excited about his menu.

"Scallops rosemary it is so robust and flavorful," he said.

He is also proud of his Kobe beef, originally bred in Japan but now grown and harvested in the United States also.

Nagy said he is also buying as many supplies as possible from local producers. "We want to be regional, whenever possible we want to use local products," he said.

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