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Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:07 PM

Norwalk Public Library

The Norwalk Public Library has received the following gifts and memorial books:

"Crossen Combat Chronicles" in memory of Lieutenant Colonel John R. Crossen by Sue (Crossen) McCreery.

"Perennials: The Gardener's Reference" and "Encyclopedia of Hardy Plants" in memory of Ione Grover by the Friends of League Elementary.

"Discovery of France" in memory of Vivian Eastman by the American Legion Auxiliary, Firelands Memorial Unit 706.

"Motorcycling Across Ohio" in memory of Barbara Landon, by the Norwalk Public Library staff.

"Garden to Vase: Growing and Using Your Own Cut Flowers" in memory of Faye McCreary by Raymond and Carol Lescher.

"Due Considerations: Essays and Criticism" and "How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read" in memory of Faye McCreary by Fran, Will, Glenn, and Katherine DeLamater.

"Write It When I'm Gone" in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Nardecchia by Peggy A. Naccari.

"Passion for Roses" in memory of Richard Logan, Sr. by John and Jackie Overmyer.

"The Way to Make Wine" in memory of Harold A. Meyer by Ray and Carol Lescher and Stella Soisson.

"Follow the River," "From Sea to Shining Sea," "Long Knife," and "C.S. Lewis, My Godfather" in memory of Andrew Alexander Missey by the Missey family.

"Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation, and Seamanship" in memory of James A. Scagnetti by G. June Van Dette.

"Blood Brothers" (large print) and "Morrigan's Cross" (large print) in memory of Mary R. Smith by Joan Ringholz.

"Sammy's House" (large print) in memory of Mary R. Smith by Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Cherry.

"Eating Royally" in memory of Eleanor Tucker by the Garden Club of Norwalk.

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